We stay on the laser cutting edge!

Our R&D team specializes in developing custom processes, techniques and creative solutions to reduce costs, improve quality, and streamline for repeatability and optimal yields. The key elements in our R&D services are flexibility and expertise, delivered through a six-step process:


Our 6 Step Process

1. Initial Overview

Initial consultation and appraisal of your needs is complimentary. We gladly offer our independent advice and objective guidance on the most suitable options for your projects.

2. Proof of Concept

We provide simple and quick trials to determine whether a material can be machined, what type of approach is best, and a projected cost and turn-around time. Customers can, without expensive and time-consuming tooling, get a quick answer as to whether an idea might be taken further.

3. Process Development

The next step is a more detailed evaluation to determine the specific character of the process, assessment of a manufacturing route, and production of demonstration samples.

4. Prototyping

Following development trials, we produce small prototype parts conforming to the agreed drawing or layout.

5. Batch Production

Next we begin producing batches of parts, typically in the tens to hundreds of pieces, in an agreed time frame to allow customers flexibility in evaluation.

6. Technical Consulting

Customers benefit from our extensive experience in all areas of high precision micro-fabrication. We provide technical advice and support involving basic design concepts through each step in manufacturing.