ALT has been a pioneer in serving the hybrid microelectronic industry for over thirty years. We strive to serve our customers’ needs every day. Here are a few of their comments.

ALT is a certified ITAR service provider.


What our customers are saying

Thank you for all the support for the past 8 years. Please extend my thanks to your staff for sending us quality parts in a very fast time. We often scratch our heads, thinking how you can turn things out so quickly. Your response time to our requests has been nothing short of fantastic. You have become an important part of our company and we look forward to our long relationship to last for many years to come.
~ Mark B.

ALT is an outstanding example of what customer service providers should be. You have expedited our products daily for the last 15 years and we are very lucky to call you one of our key suppliers. We truly appreciate your expertise. As recent as last week, you helped us correct a printing error on our product prior to full production which saved us much processing time and reduced the potential yield loss. We thank you for all your efforts and look forward to another fifteen years of great products and service.
~ Glynis M.

The only “downside” of working with you is that I didn’t discover you several years ago! Thank you again for your excellent service, and I look forward to doing more work with you in the future.
~ Fred W.

I would like to comment on the great customer service we receive from APPLIED LASER TECHNOLOGY. You have gone above and beyond normal expected customer service, once even going to the trouble of retrieving our parts which were delivered to the wrong address.The quality of work has been excellent. On time delivery should be part of your Motto. Again, thank you for being such a great team player.

~ Gloria S.

ALT’s service is very quick and friendly. I receive quotes right on the phone and their turn around time is to my liking. Very accommodating people!
~ Mike C.

ALT is one of my FAVORITE vendors; excellent customer service and they always work hard to meet my needs.
~ Roe B.

Thank you for your outstanding service in support of our “Crash” pre-production prototype delivery schedule. Your willingness and ability to work with us to quickly generate working patterns from our hand-drawn ECO diagrams were of excellent quality, and they were finished when we needed them — even though I gave you minimal notice and was forced to ask for very fast turn times. This saved me DAYS of work and made it possible to meet our crucial customer deadlines. The best part is your pricing: Your cost amounts to about 1/10th what it would have cost me to fabricate these parts in house.
~ Name On File*

ALT is the best supplier on my approved vendor list. I’ve worked with ALT for over 20 years and I can always count on quick response and A+ quality.
~ Ben Z..

ALT is great. They respond quickly to our request and have gone above and beyond when it came to processing our order.
~ Roxanne J.

My preferred provider for ceramic substrates is Applied Laser Technology due to their excellent technical expertise and customer service that goes well beyond the norm.

We have been in business with ALT for 10 years or more. In those years, ALT has provided products and services that are outstanding. ALT has on many occasions provided quick turn around in critical situations. In addition, they have provided products with very high yields. Furthermore, ALT has provided support in designing better fabrication of ceramic to make our process more efficient. Thanks to ALT’s team for getting our products out effectively and on time to our customers. We are very pleased with the performance of ALT, and we hope that we continue to be in business together for many more years to come.
~ Lee E.

*Due to the confidential nature of their work, some customer names are not listed. However, we maintain complete records of awards and testimonials.